Our approach

How we do

Our main driver is the relentless pursuit of modulating the function of molecular mediators crucial in chronic inflammation and cancer.

To do so, Allinky is developing new series of targeted small molecule therapeutic drugs which act as allosteric inhibitors of biological targets involved in the onset and progression of these diseases. Our aim is to bring innovative oral treatments for unmet medical needs.

As a result of years of challenging R&D activity, our first anti-inflammatory product Alosertib, an oral inhibitor of IL-1β production, is about to reach clinical trials. This compound could represent a breakthrough in the treatment of autoinflammatory diseases as well as immune-mediated and non-immune mediated inflammatory diseases.

“I think we are realizing that chronic inflammation is part of many diseases we didn’t think it was previously involved in (…) Nearly every disease is associated with some disorder of inflammation and it’s now considered a key part of ageing. So chronic inflammation really is an issue and something we should be trying to reduce.”

Tim Spector, Professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London

The role of IL-1β across multiple diseases

Interleukin-1β is a cytokine primarily released by innate immune cells like monocytes and macrophages in response to cell damage, infection, or sterile stimuli. This versatile molecule plays a crucial role in mediating both immune and inflammatory responses, influencing various cells and organs within the body.

However, prolonged exposure to IL-1β can lead to tissue damage, pain, and even cancer progression.

Alosertib is the way to control IL-1β overproduction