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We focus our efforts on drug discovery and development to provide solutions for unmet medical needs, targeting conditions deemed serious or chronic and lacking adequate treatment options.

Through our research, we’ve got a clear picture of the diseases where our innovative drugs shine as an effective treatment, aligning our mission with addressing critical medical challenges.


Autoinflammatory diseases

Autoinflammatory diseases encompass a range of disorders characterized by dysregulation of the innate immune system,  leading to episodes of systemic inflammation without the typical involvement of autoantibodies or antigen-specific T cells. Unlike autoimmune diseases, where the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own cells and tissues, autoinflammatory diseases primarily involve the innate immune system’s overactivation, resulting in heightened inflammation.

These conditions often present with recurrent episodes of fever, rash, joint pain, and inflammation affecting various organs, such as the skin, joints, and internal organs. Some well-known examples of autoinflammatory diseases include familial mediterranean fever (FMF), TNF receptor-associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS), and cryopyrin-associated periodic syndromes (CAPS), among others.

Allinky is generating efficacy data on autoinflammatory diseases as well as immune-mediated and non-immune mediated inflammatory diseases.

Histological Image of Fibrotic Tissue - Allinky Biopharma