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The human genome includes all the information required for us to be born, grow, live, create and achieve. This information is safely stored in genes, yet it is information that can be hacked, turning a gene into an oncogene that is responsible for the onset and progression of cancer. The most prevalent oncogene in the human genetics is “ras”. The uncontrolled expression of ras is responsible for many types of advanced and metastatic cancers, in particular pancreatic, lung, blood and colorectal cancer. Advanced pancreatic cancer is incurable simply because 95% of the cases bear the mutated ras oncogene. At present, there is no single medicine or experimental drug that targets ras and in fact, it was coined as ”undruggable” until few companies such as Allinky demonstrated the feasibility of targeting this oncogene. Allinky is currently developing a first-in-class oral medicine against ras-driven cancer that hopefully will offer benefits to many patients around the world.
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