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Allinky has developed and implements a proprietary technology platform for the discovery and development of therapeutic molecules. This platform simulates the folding of protein targets in silico (computer) in order to identify sites responsible for their activation and thus, for disease progression. Subsequent experimentation at the in silico, in vitro and in vivo levels, within the platform, allows chemical molecules that bind to these sites to be discovered and fully developed to become novel therapeutic drugs.

The Technological Platform can be broken down and contemplated in four steps:

  • A computer-based approach to identify target binding and interaction, and allosteric regulatory pockets;

  • The in silico discovery of small molecules (hits) that interact with the target sites and in vitro assays to determine the best compounds (leads);

  • Medicinal chemistry for lead optimization, in parallel with crystallography studies and cell-based assays to establish Proof of Principle; and finally

  • Assessment of the best drug candidates in validated animal models and in ADMET studies to establish animal Proof of Concept and to define pharmacokinectic properties.

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