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Protein targets are the main drivers of the onset and progress of diseases, and understanding how to regulate the activity of such protein targets is a cornerstone of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Allinky has developed an innovative approach to identify regulatory sites in proteins, and to further discover and develop novel therapeutic compounds (small molecules) that bind to these regulatory sites.

Protein targets can be regulated through their active sites or at allosteric sites, the former representing the straightforward approach to switch off a protein target, an approach followed by many drugs on the market. Unfortunately, important protein targets are undrugable through their active site due to off-target effects. Indeed, drugs that bind to the active site of target proteins might mimic the structure of energy substrates – for example when the protein’s active site harbors systemic energy substrates such as ATP and GTP - and they might switch off other proteins that are important for the activity of other cells in the body.

By contrast, allosteric sites are highly specific to a given protein target and in fact, nature employs these sites to selectively activate given proteins. Allinky has developed its own proprietary technology platform to first identify allosteric sites in protein targets and then, to develop allosteric compounds with therapeutic properties. Some top-selling drugs in the market are allosteric compounds.

The recent scientific literature on allosteric modulation includes:

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