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The increasingly complex market in the Health sector is forcing the pharmaceutical industry to focus on many other aspects of business apart from innovation. In terms of drug discovery and development, and in order to remain innovative, the large pharmaceutical companies are cooperating and aligning their interests with small but highly flexible biotechnology companies. As a biotechnology start-up, Allinky takes advantage of this market trend by becoming a valuable partner of pharmaceutical companies, as well as an active stakeholder with a social commitment to improve patients' quality of life.

As a representative of the company founders, who mainly come from the scientific and clinical arena, please allow me to share with you the personal commitment of Allinky-a sort of DNA imprinting-to discover new treatments for disabling diseases and cancer. Within our founders’ laboratories 
we have identified cellular signals behind the uncontrolled progression of certain tumors and even their conversion into metastases. Likewise, Allinky's founders have contributed to understand the role of chronic stimulation of inflammatory and degerative signals within our body’s cells. These knowledge is now being applied at Allinky to shape the future of therapeutics.

We have embarked on an intense journey to discover novel therapeutic agents that change the shape of protein targets, thereby modulating their activation status. If by the end of this journey we have been successful in achieving our goals, these novel therapies will represent a major advance in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. We are working hard each day to fulfill the expectations we have raised in our investors and partners, and particularly, in those suffering life-threatening or untreatable diseases.

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